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Derwent Academy Flip! Sketching Pencils with Eraser Tips and Adjustable Case Stand (6 pack)

Product Code. 2302151

The Derwent Academy Flip! range was designed with kids in mind. Let their imagination run wild with a selection of double-ended pencils. Flip! combines creativity with child-like ingenuity by integrating the pencil case into the fun: three functions of easel, flat or upright. A triangular easy-grip body helps kids create, whilst striped - readily identifiable - colours stand out against the barrel.

Contains 6 eraser tipped sketching pencils in 4 degrees: 1 x 2H, 2 x HB, 2 x 2B, and 1 x 6B.

Lakeland Jumbo Colouring Red
Lakeland Jumbo Colouring Pink
Lakeland Jumbo Colouring Purple
Lakeland Jumbo Colouring Light Blue

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