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29th March 2011

New Sharpening Stand!

Some pencils, particularly Pastels & Charcoal, are difficult to sharpen with a conventional pencil sharpener as they tend to blunt the blade making it difficult to achieve a good point.

To make sharpening this type of pencil easier Derwent has introduced a new Sharpening Stand. Simple and easy to use it provides a secure base to hold your pencil steady while you achieve the perfect point with a craft knife. It also features a safe cutting guard to prevent any mishaps.

A knife, is in fact, the most versatile way of sharpening any pencil as it allows you to create a number of different points, from standard to chisel and needle depending on the type of pencil you are using and your drawing style. And, the new
Derwent Sharpening Stand gives you a firm base to work from.

The Sharpening Stand is available individually or together with the Derwent Craft Knife.

The Derwent Sharpening Stand and Craft Knife are available from all good art shops.

You can see the Derwent Sharpening Stand in action by viewing a video clip at